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ON FARM SALE 2ND NOVEMBER 2015, commencing 11am

Detailed Catalogue and photos available 27th of October.
All animals on offer were inspected and classed by Wicus Cronje.


94 Rams,
consisting of:
33 Dorper Rams
- 6 Type 5's
- 13 Type 4's
- 14 Commercial Type 3's

61 White Dorpers Rams
- 4 Type 5's
- 17 Type 4's
- 40 Commercial Type 3's


13 Ewes,
consisting of:
6 Dorper Ewes
- 6 Type 5's

7 White Dorpers Ewes
- 7 Type 5's


Previous Sale Results

2014 Online Catalogue

View 2014 Sale Report [Click Here]



Featuring 150 Rams and 39 Dorper Ewes.

2014 Online Catalogue
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Dorper Rams

75 Dorper Rams,
consisting of:
3 Type 5's
14 Type 4's
68 Commercial Type 3's

  White Dorper Rams

75 White Dorper Rams,
consisting of:
4 Type 5's
17 Type 4's
54 Commercial Type 3's

  Dorper Ewes

39 Dorper Ewes,
consisting of:
14 Type 5's
16 Type 4's
9 Commercial Type 3's


September 14 2011 On-Farm Production Sale

Results Summary

White Dorper Sale Rams offered 73
100% clearance
Average price was $1394
Top $3350
Bottom $800

Dorper Sale Rams offered 14
100% clearance
Average price was $1621
Top $2000
Bottom $1300

White Dorper Stud Ewes Offered 36
100% clearance
Avg price was $612
Top $1300
Bottom $500

16 Full Blood White Dorper Commercial Ewes
100% clearance
Avg price $331
Top $400
Bottom $300

Dorper Stud Ewes Offered 8
63% clearance
Avg price was $560
Top $800
Bottom $500

7 Full Blood Dorper Commercial Ewes
100% clearance
Avg price $300
Top $300
Bottom $300

Repeat buyers said the Burrawang rams are well structured, have excellent shedding traits and good muscling.

September 2010 On Farm Dorper Sale Results

Sale Rams offered 79
100% clearance
Average price was $2100
Top $2750
Bottom $1350

Stud Ewes Offered 9
90% clearance
Avg price was $620
Top $1000
Bottom $500

17 commercial Full Blood Ewes
100% clearance
Avg price $514
Top $625
Bottom $400

22 young Full Blood ewes 5-6 mths of age
100% clearance
Avg price $526
Top $700
Bottom $450

Repeat buyers said the rams where of very good even quality throughout the sale and showed good shedding and Muscling.

Dorper National Sale
1st September 2010 [ View Results ]

2009 Dorper National Sale

August 2009 Ram Sale: Report [ Click here to view the Dorper National Sale Rams ]

The 2009 annual on farm sale was held on August 28 and attracted 30 registered Bidders from as far away as Geelong, Ivanhoe and Tilpa.

79 rams were sold giving a 93% clearance rate. The average price was $1177 with a top price of $3700 for Lot 20 (A144) purchased by Adrian Vietch Kaya White Dorper Stud in WA.

“These rams were an extremely well grown even line of rams, I was impressed with the conformation. Generally they were very well put together and I am confident with the rams I purchased on the day. We run 12,000 dorper ewes and look for extreme quality in our rams, always buying in the top 10%" Justin McClure, Kallara Station ,Tilpa

"Its hard to buy proven good quality rams in Australia, this ram is very sound with really good muscling. He is also a direct embryo import from a well known South African stud." Adrian Vietch Kaya White Dorper Stud

Kaya Stud breeds around 2000 pure bred rams per year with ram & ewe sales in October & a ewe sale in April.


August 2009 Ram Sale: Photos

Welcome to Burrawang’s Annual On Farm Sale Catalogue,

Burrawang White Dorper Stud continues its rapid evolution. We will not be using new sires from outside the stud in this year’s breeding program, as our early investment in genetics is paying off. We now have enough great genetics within the stud to consolidate our line of ewes and really focus on breeding the Burrawang type of white dorper, a type that we believe is best suited to grazing conditions in central and western NSW.

Within the Dorper Breed Standard, there is huge variation of sheep. Our priority is on producing fast growing, well muscled animals, but not so extreme as to create lambing issues and to breed sheep that produce ewes with sufficient fat cover to ensure they have the best chance of falling pregnant in the harsher feed times that often occur in central and western NSW. For this year’s on farm sale, we are very proud to present the rams produced at our stud during last year.

Everything in balance with functionality as a given. We hope you like what you see at the sale.

Kind regards,

Graham and Jana Pickles.


View the 2009 Sale Rams in Paddock Condition - Photos Taken August 1


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